This course is for you if...

  • You need video instruction to get more help with the Outlining For Beginning Writers guide.

  • You are stuck in your writing not able to complete your manuscript.

  • You don't know where to start writing your book.

Stop Struggling To Write Your Book

Struggling to get started or complete your book? Check out the Outlining For Beginning Writer's to get your thoughts out and have a clear path to completing your first workable draft.

Course Curriculum

    1. Welcome message from LaQueisha!

    2. Outlining For Beginning Writers Guide

    1. What Is Brain Dumping?

    2. What is Summarizing?

    3. Developing Your Characters

    4. Setup Your 3-Story ACTs

    5. Important Character Moments

    1. BONUS #1: 100 Writing Prompt Guide

    2. BONUS #2: Social Media Marketing Guide

About this Program

  • $10.00
  • 9 lessons
  • 2.5 hours of video content

Don't Forget Your BONUSES!

Get these BONUSES when you enroll in this program.

  • 100 Writing Prompts Guide

    $75 VALUE

    Get the 100 Writing Prompts Guide to inspire to write when you run out of things to write or when you want to play with your writer friends. Get inspired.

  • Social Media Marketing Guide

    $25 VALUE

    Not sure how to promote yourself as a writer? Get 30 days of topics to post about on your social media, email, or blog page to gain more exposure of your author brand.

My Story...

I was struggling with procrastinating and not knowing where to start when writing my book. Then I found the solution to my struggle by using a novel-based outline. By using this solution I was able to complete my first workable draft.

See What People Are Saying...

“I so loved this course. Like I said in class...this course is a great source for people who love to write but need structure. I was never an outline writer but I see where the structure of it will pull my scattered scenes together. This is a 6 out of 5 goes a step beyond being GREAT! LaQueisha you did an AMAZING job with this challenging workshop.”

Felisha Bradshaw, Eyes on the Prize

“This [outlining guide] has helped me out a lot. I no longer feel lost in my writing. I can just look back at my outline and pick up and start writing. I love it. This is great!”

Pamela Wright, A Second Chance at Love Series

Get Started Today!

Write your book and become the author you've always dreamed about. Your readers are waiting for your story.

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Meet Your Instructor

LaQueisha Malone


LaQueisha Malone is an award winning author, entrepreneur, and literary coach that has been in this industry for over 13 years. With her expertise and knowledge in the literary world she has picked up the mantle to help other authors and publishing companies with their publishing and writing needs helping them achieve success.