This program is for you if...

  • You are suffering from writer's block and need to get step-by-step action to overcome writer's block.

  • You don't know where to start writing, but have so many ideas.

  • You are tired of procrastinating and are ready to tell your story today.

Writer's Block?

Sometimes we get stuck in our writing and are unable to write. This period can last for days, weeks, or months. Tell your story and combat writer's block today.

Course Curriculum

    1. A message from LaQueisha Malone!

    2. Tell Your Story Workbook - Welcome

    3. Tell Your Story Workbook Printable

    4. Before we begin...

    1. Building Your Story - Welcome Video

    2. Module 1: Building Your Story Intro

    3. Brainstorming Questionaire Fillable Form PDF

    4. Taking Notes - Video

    5. Taking Notes Slides PDF

    6. Research - Video

    7. Research Slides PDF

    8. Summarize - Video

    9. Summarize Slides PDF

    10. Challenge #1 - 3 Minute Writing Sprint

    11. Challenge #2 - Build Your Story Together

    12. Week One - Tell Your Story Workbook - Fillable

    1. Outlining Your Story - Welcome Video

    2. Module 2: Outlining Your Story - Intro

    3. Outlining Workbook - Fillable

    4. Writing Outlines - Video

    5. Writing Outlines Slides PDF

    6. Create A Collage - Video

    7. Create A Collage Slides PDF

    8. Sticky Notes - Video

    9. Sticky Notes Slides PDF

    10. Visual Presentation - Video

    11. Visual Presentation Slides PDF

    12. Module 2: Let's Practice...

    13. Module 2: Challenges

    14. Challenge #1 - Build 3 Acts

    15. Challenge #2 - Visual Story Art

    16. Week Two - Tell Your Story Workbook - Fillable

    1. Developing Sheet Cards - Welcome Video

    2. Module 3: Developing Your Sheets Cards - Intro

    3. Sheet Cards - Workbook Fillable

    4. Character Sheets - Video

    5. Character Sheets Slides PDF

    6. Scene Elements - Video

    7. Scene Elements Slides PDF

    8. Plot Twist Elements - Video

    9. Plot Twist Elements Slides PDF

    10. Module 3: Let's Practice

    11. Module 3: Challenges

    12. Challenge #1 - Build A Character

    13. Challenge #2 - Summarize A Scene

    14. Week Three - Tell Your Story Workbook - Fillable

    1. Combating Writer's Block - Welcome Video

    2. Writer's Block - Intro

    3. Tools For Writer's Block - Video

    4. Tools For Writer's Block Slides PDF

    5. Resources For Writer's Block - Video

    6. Resources For Writer's Block Slides PDF

    7. Exercises For Writer's Block - Video

    8. Exercises For Writers Block Slides PDF

    9. Module 4: Let's Practice...

    10. Module 4: Challenges

    11. Challenge #1 - Word Count For Each Day

    12. Challenge #2 - Practice By Using Writing Sprints

    13. Week Four - Tell Your Story Workbook - Fillable

    14. 100 Writing Prompts PDF

    1. Daily Word Count Tracker Printable

    2. Genre Specific Printable

    3. Social Media Marketing Guide Printable

    4. Writing Sprint Tracker Printable

    5. Writer's Block Pyramid Guide Poster

About this course

  • $37.00
  • 68 lessons
  • 2 hours of video content

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  • Workbooks

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    Get 5 instructional workbooks to guide you along the way. These workbooks include Genre guide, writing prompts, developmental sheet cards, and more.

  • Daily Word Count Tracker

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    Track your work count and stay on track with you writing goals.

  • Writer's Block Pyramid Poster

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    Use this poster to keep you motivated throughout your writing.

My Story...

I was struggling with procrastinating and not knowing where to start when writing my book. Then I found the solution to my struggle by using a novel-based outline. By using this solution I was able to complete my first workable draft.

See What People Are Saying...

“This [outlining guide] has helped me out a lot. I no longer feel lost in my writing. I can just look back at my outline and pick up and start writing. I love it. This is great!”

Pamela Wright, A Second Chance at Love Series

Get Started Today!

Don't let writer's block stop you from becoming the author you've always dreamed about. Your readers are waiting for your story.

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Meet Your Instructor...

LaQueisha Malone


LaQueisha Malone is an award winning author, entrepreneur, and literary coach that has been in this industry for over 13 years. With her expertise and knowledge in the literary world she has picked up the mantle to help other authors and publishing companies with their publishing and writing needs helping them achieve success.